Tech Startup Intensive Discovery Process

Catalyst is an intensive 4-week startup discovery process that defines your app or technology product with wireframes, technical documentation and prototyping. We also help improve your business plan and market research to help you raise funding and build a smarter app. 

 Work with a dedicated team of specialists chosen specifically to support your product.

Fixed Pricing

Know exactly how much you're spending. We offer this 4 week program for a set cost.

Technical Training

We train non-technical founders on each technical element of their product, so you can make the most empowered decisions for your company.

Focus on Fundraising

For founders raising money, our process can contribute to business plan, pitch deck and user acquisition planning to make your business more attractive to investors.

Low Commitment

We deliver a full and transparent technical document so you can choose the best development partner. Whether a co-founder, off-shore team or you choose to build with our developers.

Before building your product or raising money, you need to answer 3 questions:

What is it?  How much?  How long?

A good development team needs to understand complicated technical requirements, test ideas and build a prototype before giving any accurate and useful information.

Any developer who offers free pre-development work is likely motivated to sell you a bloated product plan to boost their billable hours. That results in a long and over-complicated process that slows your go-to-market.

By offering a fixed cost 4-week consulting program, we align our motivations with your needs: building a custom working MVP quickly and effectively.

Why the Catalyst Bootcamp Works

  • Bring a better product to market
  • Launch faster and smarter
  • Avoid costly missteps
  • Get more out of short runway
  • Gain competitive advantage

What You Get:




Sprint Schedule


Technical Requirements

UX / User Pathways

Technical Documentation

Need better users? Or don't have any users yet? Check out our Infinity 4-week Digital Marketing intensive.

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