The Hockey Franchise With a Crowdsourced Design Challenge

The second attempt at a design experiment helped us win a large project

After the Portland Pirates hockey team left Maine to bring their franchise to Massachusetts in 2016, rumors spread that a new hockey team was being considered for Maine. The new team would be filling the space the city, the arena and the fans desperately wanted filled. Ourselves included! At Big Room Studios, we are diehard hockey fans and a couple of us even get out onto the ice once in a while.

Like the rest of the city's hockey fans, when we heard that the new team was crowdsourcing a new team name, we followed the evolution.

In addition to "Wild Blueberries" another name being considered were the "Maine Lumberjacks".  Bringing the rich Maine heritage of the woodsman would be a challenge.

Although the "Lumberjacks" name was not the final choice for the team (the Maine Mariners was the winner of the crowdsourced naming competition) we worked with this brand challenge as an exercise to test our design team and see what we could do with the unusual brand.

Our Creative Director, Justin Verbarakis, along with Matt Mateosian, our trusted illustrator, took on this challenge. They crafted a visual design that took the rugged lumberjack to a level that fit the hockey team.

This submission of proposed design work was one of the reasons the Maine Mariners Hockey Team finally selected Big Room Studios to create the final Mariners brand.

See the design treatment for the fictional Lumberjacks hockey franchise:

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