Program Details:


Residents participate in our thriving community through attending Hack Nights and other meetings, partner opportunities, and guest talks.

Free Apartment

Stay in a fully furnished, stunning apartment in Portland, ME area. Close to the best restaurants in the US, local music venues, art galleries and more.


Our offices are open 24/7. Residents have access to our space and tools during business hours and weekends.


Residents own all of their intellectual property and physical work created at Big Room Studios during their residency.


Residencies are flexible and can be from 4-7 days. Residents are welcome to stay longer if they cover their own housing costs.


Residents are requested to publish a piece of work on the BRS blog, or make a presentation at the close of their residency.

Take a Working Vacation in Maine

Our weeklong residency program offers developers the space and support to focus on a project away from their normal routine. Includes free room+board and free workspace in one of the most beautiful places in the country. Get access to experts and tools including VR hardware.

Giving creative developers space to experiment and connect with a new team of developers, designers + strategists.


What is the Developer-in-Residence program?

“Hey Alexa! Build me an awesome app.” Big Room is inviting developers from across the country to take a weeklong “sabbatical” in Portland, Maine – one of the most beautiful places in the universe. We provide a free private apartment, designated desk in our coworking space in the Big Room office and freedom to hike, tour breweries, write, draw, code and do whatever the hell you want.


Is it really free?

Yes, a private apartment is free for the 4-7 days you are a part of the program. We also provide co-working space and access to our VR equipment. All you have to do is get here.

Big Room Provides:

  • Private apartment in downtown Portland, ME
  • Open workspace (espresso, food, beer)
  • Access to our expert developers and design team
  • Opportunities to share work


Why is BRS doing this?

We created this program because we believe our best work is done collaboratively. By creating space for developers from all walks of life to work side by side with Big Rooms’ developers, we bring fresh ideas and new perspectives into our company. Our best work comes from being challenged by new people and inspired by big ideas. We want to see inside the process of people working on open source projects, civic hack projects and anything out of the ordinary to create a community of collaborators that help us make better products.


Who should apply?

We’re looking for passionate developers and designers who are working on open source projects, investing in a side project, or building software that will change the world. Our team will support you through your residency and offer feedback and insights into your project to make it a success. Take advantage of our team of expert developers, UX designers and strategists here to help you make a better project.


What do we want from you?

Our Developers-in-Residence are asked to participate in at least 10hrs of community events and open source collaborative projects. We will work with you to plan the best schedule to make the most of your skills and time in Maine.

  • Lead a Hack Night discussion
  • Judge a Startup Sprint Weekend
  • Lead a Design Sprint for a local civic project
  • Participate in a panel discussion
  • Do demo of your project for the community




(dates can be flexible to work for your schedule)