Hiring the Best SEO Services for Your Business

If you’re considering adding SEO to your marketing toolkit you’ll be weighing whether to  best options for hiring SEO support. SEO work requires someone who understands the complex and constantly changing requirements of Google’s search algorithm, has skills as a copywriter and a web developer.


Consider these hiring options

Solo Freelancer

Hiring a freelancer may seem like the most cost effective way to begin site optimization. It also requires a very hands-on approach to keep that person on task. If you are already busy, be cautious about this option. Freelancers often balance dozens of projects in order to pay the bills and without consistent communication can let your project slip through the cracks.

Be sure that they have deep technical knowledge and aren’t relying on keyword stuffing and other quick/cheap tactics. Tracking exactly what they are doing and whether it is influencing results will be your responsibility. Make sure you have a basic understanding of SEO and web development in order to properly manage their work.  



Boutique Digital Agency

If you don’t need a full-time SEO expert and have a small-but-mighty in-house marketing team, working with a small digital agency can be your best option. They can provide both the technical and content expertise to augment what your team is already doing.

They don’t require as much hand-holding with their own project management and processes in place. And since they provide detailed reporting, it will be easier to keep them accountable. A small agency will be able to scale to meet your needs which works well for businesses that experience the boom+bust of busy seasons. You won’t be wasting money on an in-house expert who you can’t keep busy full-time.

The small technology agency option strikes the balance between relying on individuals who might disappear or change careers unexpectedly and a large agency that has frequent turnover and impersonal relationships.



Full Service Ad Agency

If SEO is just one of many services you need support with, it may be in your best interest to hire a full service digital marketing agency. This is a team that independently builds and manages your website, marketing funnels, social media, public relation, and lead generation. They do everything from create the campaign strategy to writing and sending tweets. For companies that want to focus on their core business instead of managing an internal marketing team, this could be a good option. You will have one or two key contact people, and they manage flexible teams of experts that do the work.



In-house SEO Expert Team

Having integrated team members who understands both technical and content needs for SEO is the ideal. They will have a deep understanding of your industry and the user and be able to work alongside your full marketing team to ensure that SEO best practices are incorporated into every step of the marketing and sales process. This is a higher cost and more permanent solution, but for businesses who are consistent launching new marketing campaigns and have a variety of products and services aimed at many different users, this is your best option.


We are obviously biased (being a boutique technology agency) but we can't help but mention that because of our size and flexibility Big Room Studios are able to deliver SEO and PPC services faster and more cheaper than a large agency (not a lot of overhead!) but with more expertise and longterm commitment than a freelancer.


Get more information on our SEO/PPC consulting HERE. And if you're interested in talking to our SEO /PPC expert Emily, give us a call at 207-221-2618 or email emily@bigroomstudios.com.

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