SEO Tracking and Metrics

The truth is, SEO growth happens incrementally over time (that’s why we balance SEO with paid ads that create more immediate results). Tracking key metrics over time will become help you gauge success and improve your tactics.

No one single metric will tell you whether “SEO is working” but when you look at a variety of metrics over months of making SEO improvements you’ll be able to see a clearer picture of what your users are doing and where your marketing or sales funnel might have gaps.


Important metrics to track and what they mean:

Keyword rankings


Backlinks and linking root domains


Organic search traffic


Average time users spend on page

Returning users

  • Shows that your site is worth returning to and you’re creating recurring valuable content
  • Tool: Google Analytics


Bounce rate

  • Measures whether people are leave your site after only looking at one page
  • Tool: Google Analytics


Page load speed


Sales conversions

  • Know if Increased website traffic is creating valuable leads that eventually convert to real sales
  • Tools: Pipedrive , Salesforce (Sales CRM)
  • CallRail (Call Tracking)


For help in setting up SEO services and tracking your work, get in touch. We offer 3 week intensive SEO work for our clients. 

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