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Business owners have probably heard the acronyms SEO and PPC, but don't exactly know what that means for their company. Don't worry - we've got experts for that. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-click Advertising are two of the most effective marketing tactics right now. Especially for small teams trying to drive tons of traffic and build brand awareness - having a website that shows up at the top of Google Search Results is necessary for attracting new customers and edging out the competition.

What is SEO - Search engine optimization (SEO) tactics increase the quantity and quality of organic traffic to a site. From copywriting to technical structure and design, SEO is Google’s way of connecting potential visitors with the most valuable content.

What is PPC - Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a strategy used to direct traffic to websites. Strategically using Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Linkedin ads and other online networks can quickly drive leads to your website and boost sales opportunities.


After testing different iterations of digital marketing services with our startup and corporate clients, it was clear that combining SEO and PPC created the best results with the least amount of headache. SEO is extremely effective, but takes months to build up. PPC balances that by being easy to launch with results, but expensive over time.



Big Room now offers a 3 week intensive marketing bootcamp

We do the work for you

During the 3 week process, you work with an SEO/PPC expert that creates a detailed strategic plan and then puts that plan into action. There are many "set-it-and-forget-it" factors that are built into your website that need to be fixed and updated. We do this work for you, so your team doesn't need to learn a completely new skill set they'll never need to use again.

We'll work with your website, set up your Google Adwords campaigns, Facebook ad manager and Linkedin/twitter ad management systems - we write and design ads based on research performed during the 3 week intensive process.

We empower your team

Educating your team in best practices will be a priority for our final phase of the intensive process. We give them the tools and skills necessary to manage, test and adjust ongoing SEO/PPC campaigns.


We also offer ongoing PPC maintenance services

After our 3 week planning intensive, you have options for ongoing services:

  •  Take the roadmap and do the work internally
  • Work with our in-house experts month-to-month

We will work with you to determine the best budget for paid ads (google adwords, facebook ads, linkedin ads) and offer hourly services for any ongoing SEO or Paid ad maintenance.


Our pricing structure is transparent and common-sense

The way we price our services is different than many other SEO service providers. Most companies don't charge you for upfront services but lock you in to longterm contracts. This sounds like a great deal to many business owners. Unfortunately, it rarely works out in their best interest. They do the bare-minimum planning work and often fall out of contact as your money is wasted on campaigns that aren't working properly.

At Big Room, you pay hourly for the work that is being done. You work with Emily who has 10+ years experience in marketing and specializes in running SEO/PPC campaigns for startups and scrappy businesses.

The 3 week intensive planning and SEO work costs $8,000 because you get 80 hours of Emily's precious time at $100 per hour.


We set up ongoing contracts to benefit you, our clients

• No tricky contracts • Pay for ongoing services and maintenance at hourly rate (to fluctuate to needs and budget constraints)

While this upfront payment model isn’t as common, we believe it’s ethical and transparent. We want to give you the power to make the best decision for your team and budget.

Get in touch and chat with Emily about your business or website and to see if SEO/PPC planning could help you grow your business.


SEO/PPC is great for small teams that need to make an impact without a lot of time to waste


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