A list of what's going on this week in Vancouver, BC (that's in Canada) during Node Interactive, including official and unofficial events and meet-ups.

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Wednesday, October 4th

Early stuff

6:45am          Node.js Interactive Fun Run/Walk 5K!!

7:30am          Registration and Breakfast


Keynotes     8:30-10 am

Vancouver Convention Center -West Ballroom A

  • You Know What They Say About Good Intentions…- Kim Crayton, Community Engineer and AdvocateNodeSchool Mentoring
  • Developer Efficiency and Production Success for Node.js Applications: Create, Deploy Manage - Michael Dawson, IBM
  • The Node Movement and How to Play a Part- Cian O'Maidin, nearForm
  • The V8 Engine and Node.js- Franzi Hinkelmann, Google
  • JS Foundation Panel: The Many Facets of Sustaining an Open Source Ecosystem- Jory Burson, Bocoup (Moderator); Maggie Pint, Microsoft; Tracy Hinds, Node.js; Erin McKean, IBM


Session One      11 am

  • Journey to Node.js Core Using End-to-End Workload Node-DC-EIS [I] - Anil Kumar, Intel
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Logging - Charlie Robbins, GoDaddy
  • Keeping JavaScript Safe: Security & The npm Registry - C J Silverio, CTO, npm, Inc
  • WORKSHOP: A Complete IoT Workshop (B) - Jeremy Foster, Microsoft


Session Two       11:40 am

  • Node.js Performance and Highly Scalable Micro-Services - Chris Bailey, IBM
  • Gold Sponsor Session: VS Code: Optimize Your Node.js Development "Inner Loop" - Chris Dias, Microsoft


Session Three      12:20 pm

  • Back Pressure, or, Don't Accept Work Before You're Ready [I] - Sam Roberts, IBM
  • CanadaFunctionality Abuse: The Forgotten Class of Attacks - Nwokedi Idika, Google
  • On How Your Brain is Conspiring Against You Making Good Software - Jenna Zeigen, Digital Ocean




Session Four       2:20 pm

  • Node And Learn: How to Create a Local Node.js Community [B] - Yosuke Furukawa, Recruit Technologies
  • Node.js Does 30 Billion Transactions Per Day [B] - Joran Siu, IBM
  • Don’t Starve the Event Loop: Measuring and Monitoring Node.js for Performance - Nathan White, NodeSource
  • WORKSHOP: Data Science Survival Kit (I) - Philipp Burckhardt, Carnegie Mellon University & Athan Reines, Independent Software Engineer


Session Five      3:00 pm

  • The JS Ecosystem: Making Sense of the Madness - Ethan Brown, Pop Art
  • Node.js at Alibaba [A] - Joyee Cheung, Alibaba Cloud
  • N-API - Next Generation Node API for Native Modules [I] - Michael Dawson, IBM & Arunesh Chandra, Microsoft


Session Six     3:40 pm

  • Hooray for Arrays! Tips and Tricks for JavaScript's Best Object [B] - Erin McKean, IBM
  • GraphQL in the Wild [I] - Steven Faulkner, Bustle
  • The Node.js Event Loop: Not So Single Threaded - Bryan Hughes, Microsoft


Session Seven       4:40 pm

  • My 20-Year Journey as a JS Engineer, Front to Back - Joe Sepi, IBM
  • Take Your HTTP Server to Ludicrous Speed [I] - Matteo Collina, nearForm
  • Node.js With Steroids: Make Better Node.js Application with Native Add-Ons - Nicola Del Gobbo, Packly S.R.L.
  • WORKSHOP: Building Interactive Workshops with Electron - Seth Vincent, Development Seed


Session Eight      5:20 pm

  • Panel: What Module Developers Would like Node.js Core Developers to Know - moderated by James Snell, nearForm
  • Building Foundations of the Node.js Community - Tierney Cyren, NodeSource
  • High Performance JS in V8 [I] - Peter Marshall, Google


After Hours

5:50pm      Booth Crawl

7:30pm      Attendee Party!




Session One      9 am

  • WebAssembly and the Future of the Web [I] - Athan Reines, Independent Software Engineer
  • What's a Wasm? - Paul Milham, WildWorks
  • Break-Up With Your Server, But Don’t Commit to a Cloud Platform [B] - Linda Nichols, Cloudreach
  • The Node.js Performance Workshop (I) - Matteo Collina & David Mark Clements, nearForm


Session Two      9:40 am

  • High Performance Apps with JavaScript and Rust, It's Easier Than You Think - Amir Yasin, 2U 
  • Kill All Humans: Reliable Dependency and Release Management for npm Packages [I] - Gregor Martynus, Neighbourhoodie
  • Going Serverless with GraphQL - Steven Faulkner, Bustle




Session Three      10:20 am

  • When AI Makes Mistakes - David Luecke, FeathersJS
  • The Future is Serverless: What That Means for Node.js - Christopher Anderson, Microsoft
  • Gold Sponsor Session: Effective Typed JavaScript - Jeremy Morrell, Node.js Platform Owner, Heroku


Session Four      11:20 am

  • New DevTools Features for JavaScript - Yang Guo, Google
  • The State of Node.js Security [I] - Tim Kadlec, Snyk
  • Two Problems - Sarah Meyer, Buzzfeed
  • WORKSHOP: You Rock with DevOps!! - Claudia Mariana Rios Jasso & Erika Jisel Osuna, IBM


Session Five      12 pm

  • Understanding and Debugging Memory Leaks in Your Node.js Applications [I] - Ali Sheikh, Google
  • JSF Architect: Lambda on Easy Mode- Brian LeRoux, Begin.com
  • Using minikube (Kubernetes) for Local Node.js Development [I] - Troy Connor, Emerging Technologies



Session Six      2 pm

  • World-changing JS from Developing World Healthcare: HospitalRun and the JS Foundation- Joel Worrall, HospitalRun
  • How Build Infrastructure Powers the Node.js Foundation - Gibson Fahnestock, IBM
  • A Brief History of Streams - Jessica Quynh Tran
  • WORKSHOP: Serverless Bots with Node.js (I) - Alan Ho, Google & Amir Shevat, Slack


Session Seven      2:40 pm

  • Programming Best Practices: Memory Efficiency with Closures [I] - Gireesh Punathil, IBM India Pvt Ltd
  • TypeScript - A Love Tale with JavaScript- Bowden Kelly, Microsoft
  • Modules Modules Modules [I] - Myles Borins, Google


Session Eight      3:20 pm

  • Grokking Asynchronous Work in Node.js [I] - Thorsten Lorenz, NodeSource
  • Node.js Out of Town: Interfacing USSD Gateway with Node.js - Prudence Ogatcha, Pilby.com


Keynotes      4-5:30 pm

  • The Node.js Technical Roadmap, James Snell, nearForm
  • Node.js Wave 6- Myles Borins, Node.js TSC Chair, Google
  • The Case for Node.js- Justin Beckwith, Product Manager, Google
  • One Week in the Life of Node.js- Anna Henningsen, Node.js Core Technical Committee Member
  • The Foundation for a Sustainable JavaScript Ecosystem - Kris Borchers, Executive Director, JS Foundation
  • The Creative Side of Node.js- Rachel White, Microsoft
  • Closing Remarks- Mark Hinkle, Tracy Hinds, Node.js Foundation


Friday, October 6

9:00am      Code & Learn

1:30pm      Collaboration Summit



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