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Keynote Speakers (Day 1)


Kim Crayton, Community Engineer and Advocate You Know What They Say About Good Intentions…

Michael Dawson, IBM | Developer Efficiency and Production Success for Node.js Applications: Create, Deploy Manage 

Cian O'Maidin, nearForm | The Node Movement and How to Play a Part

Franzi Hinkelmann, Google | The V8 Engine and Node.js

Jory Burson, Bocoup (Moderator)  | The Many Facets of Sustaining an Open Source Ecosystem

Maggie Pint, MicrosoftThe Many Facets of Sustaining an Open Source Ecosystem

Tracy Hinds, Node.js | The Many Facets of Sustaining an Open Source Ecosystem

Erin McKean, IBM | The Many Facets of Sustaining an Open Source Ecosystem



Session Speakers

 Anil Kumar, Intel | Journey to Node.js Core Using End-to-End Workload Node-DC-EIS 

Charlie Robbins, GoDaddy | Everything You Wanted to Know About Logging 

C J Silverio, CTO, npm, Inc | Keeping JavaScript Safe: Security & The npm Registry 

Jeremy Foster, Microsoft | WORKSHOP: A Complete IoT Workshop (B) 


Chris Bailey, IBM | Node.js Performance and Highly Scalable Micro-Services 

Chris Dias, Microsoft | Gold Sponsor Session: VS Code: Optimize Your Node.js Development "Inner Loop" 


Sam Roberts, IBM | Back Pressure, or, Don't Accept Work Before You're Ready 

Nwokedi Idika, Google | CanadaFunctionality Abuse: The Forgotten Class of Attacks 

Jenna Zeigen, Digital Ocean | On How Your Brain is Conspiring Against You Making Good Software 


Yosuke Furukawa, Recruit Technologies | Node And Learn: How to Create a Local Node.js Community

Joran Siu, IBM | Node.js Does 30 Billion Transactions Per Day 

Nathan White, NodeSource | Don’t Starve the Event Loop: Measuring and Monitoring Node.js for Performance 

Philipp Burckhardt, Carnegie Mellon University | WORKSHOP: Data Science Survival Kit

Athan Reines, Independent Software Engineer | WORKSHOP: Data Science Survival Kit


Ethan Brown, Pop Art | The JS Ecosystem: Making Sense of the Madness 

Joyee Cheung, Alibaba Cloud | Node.js at Alibaba

Arunesh Chandra, Microsoft | N-API - Next Generation Node API for Native Modules


Steven Faulkner, Bustle | GraphQL in the Wild

Bryan Hughes, Microsoft | The Node.js Event Loop: Not So Single Threaded 


Joe Sepi, IBM | My 20-Year Journey as a JS Engineer, Front to Back

Matteo Collina, nearForm | Take Your HTTP Server to Ludicrous Speed 

Seth Vincent, Development Seed | WORKSHOP: Building Interactive Workshops with Electron


James Snell, nearForm | Panel: What Module Developers Would like Node.js Core Developers to Know

Tierney Cyren, NodeSource | Building Foundations of the Node.js Community 

Peter Marshall, Google | High Performance JS in V8



Session Speakers (Day 2)

Athan Reines, Independent Software Engineer | WORKSHOP: Data Science Survival Kit

Paul Milham, WildWorks | What's a Wasm? 

Linda Nichols, Cloudreach | Break-Up With Your Server, But Don’t Commit to a Cloud Platform


Amir Yasin, 2U  | High Performance Apps with JavaScript and Rust, It's Easier Than You Think 

Gregor Martynus, Neighbourhoodie | Kill All Humans: Reliable Dependency and Release Management for npm Packages


David Luecke, FeathersJS | When AI Makes Mistakes 

Christopher Anderson, Microsoft | The Future is Serverless: What That Means for Node.js 

Jeremy Morrell, Node.js Platform Owner, Heroku | Gold Sponsor Session: Effective Typed JavaScript


Yang Guo, Google | New DevTools Features for JavaScript 

Tim Kadlec, Snyk | The State of Node.js Security 

Sarah Meyer, BuzzfeedTwo Problems

Erika Jisel Osuna, IBM | WORKSHOP: You Rock with DevOps!!


Ali Sheikh, Google | Understanding and Debugging Memory Leaks in Your Node.js Applications

Brian LeRoux, | JSF Architect: Lambda on Easy Mode

Troy Connor, Emerging Technologies | Using minikube (Kubernetes) for Local Node.js Development 


Joel Worrall, HospitalRun | World-changing JS from Developing World Healthcare: HospitalRun and the JS Foundation

Gibson Fahnestock, IBM | How Build Infrastructure Powers the Node.js Foundation 

WORKSHOP: Serverless Bots with Node.js 

Alan Ho, Google | WORKSHOP: Serverless Bots with Node.js 

Amir Shevat, Slack | WORKSHOP: Serverless Bots with Node.js 


Gireesh Punathil, IBM India Pvt Ltd | Programming Best Practices: Memory Efficiency with Closures

Bowden Kelly, Microsoft | TypeScript - A Love Tale with JavaScript

Myles Borins, Google | Modules Modules Modules 

Thorsten Lorenz, NodeSource | Grokking Asynchronous Work in Node.js 


Keynote Speakers (Day 2)

James Snell, nearForm | The Node.js Technical Roadmap

Myles Borins, Node.js TSC Chair, Google | Node.js Wave 6

Justin Beckwith, Product Manager, Google | The Case for Node.js

Anna Henningsen, Node.js Core Technical Committee Member | One Week in the Life of Node.js

Kris Borchers, Executive Director, JS Foundation | The Foundation for a Sustainable JavaScript Ecosystem

Rachel White, Microsoft | The Creative Side of Node.js

Mark Hinkle, Node.js Foundation | Closing Remarks

Tracy Hinds, Node.js Foundation | Closing Remarks

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