A Virtual Reality Art Experience at #Maine Startup and Create Week

Last week we debuted our newest Virtual Reality experience ART: SEEN at the Maine Startup and Create Week. We were thrilled to share the interactive art-inspired app with a crowd of creative and innovative thinkers.

Thanks to Sam from Yarn Corporation for bringing the whole experience to life, to our collaborators at Knack Factory and to Liam, Seth, Nick and Isabella for teaching VR newbies how to manage themselves inside the virtual world.

See pics from the event below.



How well do you really know the Maine Art Scene?

Most art is created behind closed doors. There is serious mystery to understanding how creative geniuses do what they do.

Just imagine being a fly on the wall when Michelangelo revealed the Sistine chapel for the first time or sat in the room while Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo went to work together. Whether you're an artist yourself or just a fan of great creative work, there is something awesome about seeing inside the intimate spaces of a creative community.


Art brought to life through VR

We recently helped bring this idea to life through a collaborative Virtual Reality experience. Along with Yarn Corporation (our sister company) and Knack Factory, we took a behind-the-scenes look at the amazing art experiences that are reserved for the art insiders.

Take a virtual tour through art exhibits, studios, gatherings and creative conversations.

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