So, we know Virtual Reality is important. But how do you build it into your business?

We are creating a community of curious, forward-thinking business owners in Maine to answer this question. Last week, we put all of our people into the same room to brainstorm where virtual reality is headed, and how we can build it into our fast-growing industries.

Along with Knack Factory and Blaze Partners, Big Room Studios presented on and shared pieces of Virtual Reality and 360 video and game production yesterday to a room full of enthusiastic and influential brand marketers and communication strategists. We were lucky enough to share great sponsorship from Circus Maine [their amazing space] Slab Sicilian Street Food [exceptional sustenance] and NextWorth [abundance of VR headsets and Samsung Mobile phones].

We intend to hold a second presentation so please reach out if you're interested in attending and learning more about the future of VR and marketing.


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