Join us tomorrow for Civic Design Fest 2017

Teams of developers, designers and non-profits are getting together to hack solutions to problems affecting our community here in Portland, ME. And we're launching a few civic projects that will make the city more fun. The festival is in coordination with the National Day of Civic Hacking. Similar teams across the country will be designing products that solve big civic problems.

Go to the Civic Design Fest website to get involved.


Saturday September 23rd

9:00 am
Check-in outside Mechanics Hall
10:00 am
Project Pitches & Team Formation
12:30 pm
Lunch at Think Tank (next to Mechanics Hall)
5:00 pm
Dinner & Project Presentations at Think Tank (Public welcome!)
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Reception & Networking
There will be ongoing activities for the general public along Congress Street between Monument Sq and Congress Sq, including a Civic Design & Technology exhibit at Kingspoke

About Civic Design Fest

Expect a day of free-spirited collaboration with teams of locals to design and launch new projects for our community. All ages, backgrounds, skill levels welcome. Both high-tech & low-tech projects encouraged!

  • History - September 23rd marks the National Day of Civic Hacking, when people around the country gather to "hack" their cities in a positive way by working on creative and innovative solutions to community challenges.
  • Venue - Mechanics Hall (519 Congress St) is a historic commercial building, meeting hall, and home of the Maine Charitable Mechanics Association, a fellowship of Portland's creative community since 1815.
  • Goals - To create an opportunity for unexpected and surprising solutions to emerge. To demonstrate positive patterns in community problem solving. To inspire and energize.



The Projects

Portland Maine Voting Record

Project by Seth Klein & Tyler Constance to build an interactive record for Portland Maine city council votes. It will help citizens, journalists, and others research past city council votes.

Kesho Wazo App

Kesho Wazo is a youth arts & activism collective. They are looking to build a tool that supports the artistic work of their members, and their mission to empower youth to become powerful, passionate, and creative through community engagement in pursuit of their purpose.

Bringing Maine's Political Scorecards into the Digital Age

Project by to design a tool for generating political scorecards for advocacy groups in Maine. Current scorecards are usually either designed only for print, or, when they are available digitally, look like they crawled out of the early Internet circa 1994. This project seeks to improve the design and function of political scorecards for all types of advocacy groups.

The Complete City

Mapping project by Portland Society for Architecture and partners, which provides a blank map of Portland and asks you to map what you love, don't love, and wish were different in Portland. PSA hopes to collect as many maps as they can from a wide range of neighborhoods and people who live and work in Portland.

Community Services Guide

Project by Emily Felger to create an accessible hub for information about free, low-cost, and sliding scale resources in the Portland Metro area.

Musical Staircase

Project by Hack Portland members to build a functioning musical staircase for temporary installation in a downtown public space.

Building Community Through Change

Project by City of Portland resident and Planning Board member Lisa Whited to improve the process of citizen engagement in proposed projects.

Interactive street life project for St. John St

Join the Open Bench Project in bringing a surprising bit of street art to the corner of St. John and Congress Street. Engage the community with a bit of fun loving and curious bit of street art, and take a peek at OBP's new facility in the process.

Congress Square in Winter Brainstorm

Join the Friends of Congress Square park to imagine ways to make Congress Square come alive in the winter. Bring your favorite brainstorming supplies!


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