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We’re looking for talented people to join our passionate team of software engineers, designers, system administrators, and project managers.

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Please check back for Winter 2021 internships. Thanks!

Full-Time Positions

Big Room Studios is always on the lookout for qualified and experienced design, development and management candidates. We frequently review all incoming applications, so go ahead, drop us a line and a resume. We will respond!

Now Hiring:

Software Engineer

The successful candidate will have a minimum of 2 years of professional experience solving technical software problems. A good fit for us is a person who has graduated from writing programs and coding on their own, to participating in teams that attend to engineering software solutions for other people. We use Node.js, React, and PostgreSQL to power many of our projects, and we’re hoping to attract anyone who feels they fit into this technology space. We have a great appreciation for those who come with fundamentals of the mobile and web platforms. We also favor those who bring additional expertise in any areas of software development wide-ranging from user experience and product design, to database administration and DevOps.