We consider it the greatest compliment to have our work compared to being in the matrix.

Last night on WCSH's 207 program, Big Room Studios showed off our most recent Virtual Reality application. We built IslandLand in partnership with Yarn (our badass sister company) and The Island Institute, it recreates the experience of living and working on an island in Maine.

The app let's you experience flying on a life-saving helicopter without worrying about falling out of the side, working on a lobster boat without waking up at the crack of dawn, and kayaking along the coast without getting completely lost. It even let's you get inside the head of a lobster that has been caught in the traps of Maine lobsterman. That experience gets pretty trippy.

It's been a while since we created this app, and considering we're in the middle of a cold, dark Maine winter, it felt refreshing to get the app "out of the box" and remember the good ol' days of summertime in Maine.

If you are curious about how VR works or want to give the IslandLand app a try for yourself - call us or email and we'll get you in here for a beer and a VR experience. Probably not in that order.


Behind the scenes of IslandLand, Virtual Reality experience on 207:

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