The Catalyst Process:

Product Discovery

We start by listening, Understanding your idea, business goals and the market. This informs our decisions as we design and build your app.

UX Visual Diagrams

Mapping out ideas, features and user stories helps us understand your product and set priorities for the agile development process.


We translate your product idea into sketches to visualize how people use your app and lay the foundation for the technical documentation.

Technical Plan

Our developers create a detailed plan that outlines actionable tasks, milestones, staffing, technology requirements, budget and timeline.

Development Roadmap

You’re ready to start development! We help you prepare for fundraising, hire support staff and identify the resources you’ll need to make your idea a reality.

Fundraising Strategy

For founders raising money, our process can contribute to business plan, pitch deck and user acquisition planning to make your business more attractive to investors.

Catalyst: Product Discovery & Project Planning

Building software can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Catalyst takes the risk out of your investment by asking better questions, validating the core idea and creating a detailed plan to bring your product to life. Work with a dedicated team of specialists chosen specifically to support your product.

By planning for all options and testing assumptions you will save time, money and frustration during the development process. We can promise that.

Who is Catalyst for?

Enterprise teams

  • Rebuild outdated platform
  • Build new product or internal tool


  • Define product and development plan for fundraising
  • Test idea and build test-ready prototype
  • Prepare non-technical founder to lead dev team