A Bold New Brand

Every new project needs a strong and memorable visual brand. We give you the tools you need to network, build partnerships, acquire new customers and raise early startup funding. Using lean and agile design process we give you the best visual brand without wasting time and money.

Package Includes

Animo.js | Big Room Studios | Software Development Company Portland


A logo is the face of your company. Starting with a thoughtful, strong logo can set your business apart from the competition.

Business Cards

Businesses are built on networks. Being able to leave an impression can help you rapidly grow your partnerships and customer base.

Presentation Deck

We build a series of templates that you can use for pitches to investors, corporate partners and groups of potential customers.

Prototyping for Startups | Big Room Studios | Software Development for Startups

Splash Web Page

Having a lead generating webpage is a necessity for an early business. We can build a custom website, or set up a simple splash page.

Build a brand that resonates with your community.

Design Stack