Next week, the world descends on Austin, TX to see what's next in movies, music and technology. While there's no way to see and do everything the city has going on (especially with the late night parties and incredible craft beer scene) our team will be easy to find at almost any of the Virtual Reality talks, meet ups and events.

We'll also be hanging out around the city with our own Island Land VR experience on hand. Give us a shout on Twitter and we can connect so you can try "lobstering" for yourself. We're also happy to talk shop about how we made it - and what we're experimenting with now.

Here's our tailored list of VR events that we'll be trying to attend at #SXSW 2017. We threw in a few of the parties that are likely attract a VR crowd. 

Follow us on Twitter @bigroomstudios and let's meet up! 

2017 SXSW Virtual Reality events by Big Room Studios.

All Damn Week - Capital Factory

Rather than listing out all the amazing things happening at Capital Factory, we say, if you have a free hour, go there. They are hosting a VR/AR Megalounge and a ton of ongoing events for the VR-inspired entrepreneur.

Capital Factory | 701 Brazos Street



Friday, March 10th

11am Shaping Reality for AR Storytelling

Talk and intensive workshop. (11-2pm)

Westin Austin Downtown Paramount 3 | 310 E 5th ST



1pm AR/VR Hackathon

24 hours of high-tech creativity to develop industry-changing prototypes and compete for cash prizes.

TechSpace Austin | 98 San Jacinto Blvd



Saturday, March 11th

11am UnifyID Silent Disco Brunch

Mimosas, bloody's, and breakfast taco bar while we dance our faces off to silent disco hosted by Austin local favorite, DJ Ota.

UnifyID SXSW Private Headquarters | 1111 E. 11th Street 300



11:30am Designing Tracked Objects for Steam VR

Workshop and training session. (11:30-1pm)

Westin Austin Downtown Paramount 3 | 310 E 5th ST



8pm AR/VR Austin 2017 - Resistance Is Virtual

Late evening mini-conference for the VR community and new media experience designers.

Central Presbyterian | 200 E 8th St



Sunday, March 12

11am Mentor Session: Stina Hamlin

One on one mentorship for those interested in TV production, 360 / VR production, post-production.

Westin Austin Downtown Paramount 3 | Threadgrill Room | 310 E 5th ST



12:30pm Virtual Crossroads: A Look at VR and Human Behavior

Panel discussion with experts dive into how virtual reality will affect human behavior, both emotionally and physically, in 2017 and beyond.

JW Marriott / Salon 7 / 110 E 2nd St


3:30pm Designing for Mixed Reality

Talk introducing key challenges and approaches to designing MR experiences including maintaining user focus, mixing Virtual UI into physical spaces, and creating positive interactions with non-users.

JW Marriott / Salon H  / 110 E 2nd St



6pm Tumblr - Never Going Back Party

Party supporting Planned Parenthood with a lineup of some kick ass bands including Sleigh Bells, PVRIS, Girlpool and more! (not exclusively VR obviously, but we're planning to bring a crew of VRheads)

Mohawk | 200 Lavaca St



Monday, March 13

3:30pm Mentor Session: Stefan Grambart

One on one mentorship for those interested increative direction, VR, narrative design, content creation. (3:30-4:30p)

Westin Austin Downtown Paramount 3 | Saxon Room | 310 E 5th ST



5pm Mentor Session: Jane Fang

One on one mentorship for those interested in social, VR, media business development, sports. (5-6p)

Westin Austin Downtown Paramount 3 | Threadgrill Room | 310 E 5th ST



Tuesday, March 14th

9:30am Virtual Reality and 360 Video Meet Up

Meet up Group. 

JW Marriott Room 211-212 | 110 E 2nd St

11am Master Class with Felix & Paul

Deep dive panel discussion. 

JW Marriott | Salon 1-2 | 110 E 2nd St



11am Virtual Psychedelics: How VR Affects Your Brain

Panel discussion on how specially designed immersive content allows viewers to have out-of-body experiences, expanding consciousness, tolerance and understanding in society.

JW Marriott | Salon 3-4 | 110 E 2nd St



12:30pm Virtual Reality Therapy: Treatment for the World

VR therapy offers options for working with homeless, incarcerated, underprivileged, or even those in impoverished countries.

JW Marriott | Salon 3-4 | 110 E 2nd St

2pm Lessons Learned from VR Prototyping

Talk with Google's Daydream Labs team. 

Austin Convention Center | Trade Show - Next Stage - Exhibit Hall 4 | 500 E Cesar Chavez


3:30pm Empowering Art & Activism VR Meet Up

Talk with entertainers and activists providing access and energize fan communities with VR.

JW Marriott | Room 207 | 110 E 2nd St



3:30pm Immersive Technologies Are Future of Music

Talk redefining the concept of a music video clip, the way we access to a live concert and how we’ll set up our audio preferences in these new platforms.

Austin Convention Center | Trade Show - Next Stage - Exhibit Hall 4 | 500 E Cesar Chavez



5pm How To Make 360 Video Actually Compelling?

Panel discussion on Editing, Narrative techniques and UX for better 360 experiences. 

JW Marriott | Salon 1-2 | 110 E 2nd St



7:30pm VR & Gaming Party

Dive into virtual reality, content creation, gaming and other best-in-class Dell technology.

THE EXPERIENCE  | 310 E 3rd St



8:30pm SXSW Interactive Closing Party

This year’s lineup is still on lockdown, but this will be one of the biggest parties at all of SXSW. 

Stubbs | 801 Red River St



Wednesday, March 15

11am The Impact of Audio on the VR Visual Story

Talk and live performance with mixing, looping and ambisonic 3D sound; incorporating an explanation on the science and technology of producing such sound.

JW Marriott | Salon 1-2 | 110 E 2nd St



12:30pm Virtual Reality: A Tool for Accelerating Global Policy Change?

Panel discussion on the opportunities for virtual reality to drive meaningful and scalable change in society.

JW Marriott | Salon 1-2 | 110 E 2nd St



2pm Human-Centered Design in VR

Panel discussion about human elements of perception and emotion and how to apply these learnings to VR.

JW Marriott | Salon 3-4 | 110 E 2nd St



3:30pm Immersive Theater and VR Spaces

Panel discussion on bridging the worlds of theater and VR.

JW Marriott | Salon 1-2 | 110 E 2nd St



3:30pm Women in VR/AR Mixer

Open mixer with women interested in VR/AR and all supporters. Feel free to bring your mobile demos to share with the crowd. 

Capital Factory | 701 Brazos Street



5pm How to Fund Original VR Content

Panel discussion with experts who are at the forefront of VR content funding.

JW Marriott | Salon 1-2 | 110 E 2nd St



Thursday, March 16

11am Augmenting Reality: When AR Meets Documentary

Panel from Lava Lab will speak about their social and communal AR storytelling experiences.

JW Marriott | Salon 3 | 110 E 2nd St



12:30pm VR: The Promise + Danger Behind the Hype

This session examines many practical, moral and ethical considerations related to protecting the health and safety of people. Part of the IEEE Tech for Humanity Series.

JW Marriott / Salon 6 / 110 E 2nd St



12:30pm Virtual/Augmented Reality in a Real World

Solo Talk about intellectual property, privacy/First Amendment, products liability and other areas of the law.

JW Marriott | Salon 3-4 | 110 E 2nd St



2pm Love in a Virtual/Augmented Age

Panel discussion about what happens when people discover each other in virtual space.

JW Marriott | Salon 1-2 | 110 E 2nd St



3:30pm Brands are Leading the Way in the Evolution of VR

Panel discussion about how some of the most innovative VR content created today is being financed by Brands.

JW Marriott | Salon 1-2 | 110 E 2nd St



5pm Owlchemy Labs Fireside Chat

Fireside talk about the early days of VR, successes, glorious mistakes, as well as their anticipation for the future.

JW Marriott | Salon 3-4 | 110 E 2nd St


Friday - Sunday March 17-19



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