Maine Island Trail Association

Maine Island Trail Association

The Goal

One of the most popular and active non-profits in Maine, MITA needed to fully redevelop an outdated and unmanageable website. The site was creating significant administrative challenges and needed to be overhauled on a non-profit budget.

Our Approach

The Big Room Studios team got creative in leveraging WordPress’ robust CMS and consolidating much of the scattered content on the site. Since the site’s functionality had been cobbled together over many years by a team of volunteers, it was key that the new management system be transparent and easy for anyone to use. We designed the admin access so any staff member or volunteer could contribute without having exclusive access to admin duties or information.

The site is also designed with a streamlined front-end that improved the user experience to enabled the organization to collect donations of many kinds, build its membership and manage volunteers.

Simplifying the integration with their Mobile App, which provides extensive trail and conditions information, was also a key piece of the site’s functionality.

The staff was thrilled with the result that allowed them to more efficiently manage their administrative tasks so they could get back to the work of improving the outdoor adventure experience for people in Maine.