School Law

School Law

The Goal

The team from Drummond Woodsum, a New England law office, had created an innovative service for school districts to stay up-to-date on the important legal changes in education. They needed to provide online legal resources including web-based training, digital publications, ticket management for live events, and consulting services to school administrators quickly and easily.

Their outdated admin system made even small tasks labor intensive and important transactions prone to error. They needed a comprehensive solution that would allow their specialized service offering to scale to accommodate new technologies and expand to new states

Our Approach

The School Law team went through Big Room’s custom Catalyst program which is designed for non-technical teams to problem solve, define a solution, and create a detailed development plan that will ensure a successful outcome and increased project efficiency.

The core Catalyst team included a UX designer, developers and technical product manager who all worked full-time to design and plan a better application, bringing in subject experts when needed. They designed a streamlined user experience (UX) flow and front-end plan that better serviced the school administrative community.

The back-end design would prove to drastically enhance the team’s ability to add content, promote and manage events, host webinars and training seminars, distribute valuable content in a timely manner and provide consulting services to their clients.

With a focused solution, the team was able to outline the extensive SchoolLaw web application documentation by providing a technical plan, UX design, development budget, project timeline, and a development sprint schedule.

Immediately upon completion of the 4-week Catalyst consulting project, the team began development with Big Room Studios