The Goal

The founder of SNAP came to Big Room through our Catalyst program which is designed for non-technical founders who need support from developers or tech experts to create a detailed development plan that includes all the information they need to fundraise and build a tech product such as a mobile or web app.

As someone who spent years in the grocery industry, he saw an opportunity to create an advertisement platform that more effectively connects brands to consumers during the shopping experience. He needed support from experts in mobile advertising to determine the best options for developing a platform and a team to help build a business model that would make it possible to fundraise for the cost of building the application itself.

Our Approach

The core Catalyst team was comprised of a mobile ad expert, developer and technical product manager. They worked full-time to help build a functional business model, with a comprehensive partnership strategy that would function as the foundation of the business.

Working from the central concept of an integrated app that enables native advertising for food brands, the team focused their strategic planning around integrations with existing grocery list and shopping apps.

By the end of the 4-week bootcamp-style consulting project, the founder had everything he needed to begin fundraising for the startup including a technical plan, development resource strategy, and agile development plan.

After the completion of a successful Catalyst, SNAP worked with our Design team to develop the brand assets to support the business. We developed a lead-generating website, logo, business cards and pitch materials.

The core Catalyst team continues to serve as the technical advisers and mobile advertising industry advisors supporting the founder as he raises capital and begins the development of the platform.