The Goal

Trixel is the first product of Big Room Studios’ sister startup, YARN CORPORATION, whose mission is to build a platform for storytelling through video games. Trixel is a responsive web application that lets anyone paint with triangles and share those paintings in an Instagram-esque social feed.

Our Approach

YARN, helmed by BRS’ own Sam Mateosian, approached BRS with a project that would require innovation on all fronts: server and database architecture, in-browser experience, branding, and content strategy. The solutions we’ve provided serve as seminal advances in the developer and DevOps toolkit here at BRS and show our commitment to researching and utilizing the best of the future of web technologies. From scalable application architecture to beautiful, adaptive front-end design, BRS has taken all this technological complexity in stride toward providing a seamless cross-platform experience. Trixel is currently in alpha and home to a growing community of artists who experiment with triangular pixels. It is the first in a series of creative collaborations between YARN and BRS.

Work With Us

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