Village X

Village X

The Goal

In August 2014, a Washington, D.C.-based startup called Village X contacted Big Room Studios through mutual ties in the Peace Corps community. Village X sought to build a platform where users could redeem deals offering discounts at local businesses, and then donate those savings to community projects in Ghana and Malawi.

Our Approach

Big Room Studios designed and developed an MVP with Village X, and then helped increase customer reach by adding a branded online store, which launched December 2014. After observing which components were successful and what can be improved, Village X made some pivots in response to customer feedback. In early 2015, Big Room Studios helped Village X transition from a consumer deals business model to an exclusive non-profit that utilizes grassroots connections to provide transparent giving and impact. Along with a new model, Village X also changed features, consumer engagement tactics, and added an iOS application. To date, Village X has funded multiple projects providing clean water in Malawi, and another to build a library in Ghana.

Work With Us

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